Expert Guide To Win Big At Aviator In Bangladesh


Aviator is a popular online gaming platform that captivates gamers in Bangladesh with exciting gameplay and rewarding prospects. Aviator, a leading gaming site, provides a wide variety of gaming options, including conventional casino games, virtual sports betting, and more.

Aviator, founded with the goal of creating an exceptional gaming experience, has swiftly grown to popularity, capturing the hearts and minds of gamers throughout Bangladesh. Aviator’s easy interface, stunning visuals, and tantalizing prizes guarantee many hours of fun and excitement.

Here are some definitions for the aviator approach that will be discussed:

  • Instaloss: Any value between 1.00 and 1.04. When the plane departs early.
  • Cooldown: Waiting for Instaloss to occur.
  • Bait: Numbers that incite you to wager higher.
  • Anomaly: A disproportionately large number.

So, the first thing to grasp is that there is some rigging in this game, but it is not cheating. What we mean is how the computer determines when to stop flying. This is mostly concerned with how much money the “computer” gets and loses by distributing it among participants. This is one of the parameters that determine how much the multiplier increases during a session.

So, in general, if the computer distributed a significant sum of money and practically all of the players continuously won, you should expect an Instaloss anytime soon. The Aviator computer merely has to take some money from the players to balance things up.


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3 Aviator Situations To Keep An Eye Out For

  1. If practically all players win consistently, an Instaloss is likely to occur shortly.
  2. If everyone paid out and the number continues to rise to an abnormal degree, do not even consider it real. Since everyone cashed out, the number has no importance; it is simply bait to entice you to play the following round.
  3. If everyone has paid out and you witness one or two men with R1 bets seeing that figure rise to 50x, 100x, or 1000x, this is also BAIT. The Aviator is essentially stating, “See how these two are rewarded for their patience?” You should have waited longer.” The payment the Aviator pays to these two gentlemen far surpasses the amount it will take from everyone else, so it can afford to reward those two people while still generating money from everyone else who paid.

It is critical to monitor what other Aviator players are betting on and winning/losing, as well as when the latest Instaloss occurred.

If the game is rigged, are those numbers worth anything? Okay, here’s the answer to your wonderful question. The Aviator’s decision on the multiplier is entirely dependent on the conduct of the persons warring. The chances of one room betting much differently than another room are exceedingly low. This implies that the data supplied will be based in part on statistical analysis of the results, as well as the conduct of the players. So the numbers will provide valuable information into how to play the safest long-term game.

How can I prevent or save myself from the scenarios you described above? For number one, simply do not gamble and wait until an instaloss occurs; typically, two instalosses can occur in a row, so wait for one more before betting again. Basically, we’re playing Cooldown. Number 2 is simple: disregard the fact that 600x merely happened and don’t let it thrill or go to your head. Number 3 is just observing what others did and taking the following bet at a lower multiplier than the average you’ve seen for that game.

Here’s some Avivator findings.

So what’s the Aviator strategy?

This depends on how much you’re playing with, but because this is a gradual and steady long-term approach, your bet will be determined by how much you’re playing with. Let’s imagine you have a R100 balance and want to place R1 or R2 bets.

Assume you’re betting R1 at 1.05 with a 92% win rate. While this 92% winrate is statistical, it does not take into consideration the three previously mentioned reasons since we don’t know/don’t have data on what decisions the aviator computer makes; it’s too complicated. So, the more you appreciate and pay attention to the three scenarios outlined above, the closer you go to 92%. If you lose, you hope to recoup your investment. For the 1.05 rate, there are two options to recoup your investment.

1: You need to win the following 20 bets at 1.05 with the identical wager to recoup your loss, which has an 18% probability of happening.

2: Your next wager must be x20 the previous one at 1.05, and you just need to win once with a 92% win percentage.

Obviously, the second option is preferable in this case, although the former may be better if betting at greater multipliers. This is because if you lose at 1.50, all you have to do is win twice with the same wager at 1.50, or x2 your stake and win 1.50. The possibilities are obviously different from 1.05, but playing at 1.50 is riskier overall.

The amount you wager is generally calculated such that if you lose, you can afford to multiply your stake to recoup your losses. If you’re betting R15 at 1.05, place R1 bets. You don’t have enough money to 20x your next wager. If you can’t afford the multiplier, you’re spending much too much for the size of your stack, then reduce your bet amount.For R150, bets of R2.50 are a decent choice. Assume your balance is R150 and you’re placing R1 bets at 1.05. If you lose, you must double your stake by 20 to recoup your losses. That implies you need to bet R200, which you do not have.

How Do I Avoid an Aviator Instaloss?

The instaloss is the single most devastating event that may occur. Try to avoid them as much as possible; they are incredibly pricey. Pay note to when the last one occurred; if it hasn’t happened in a while, I recommend you don’t gamble at all for the following few rounds. Pay attention to what is being wagered, won, and lost. We normally wait until an Instaloss occurs, followed by one more round in case two occur in a succession. Once those have passed, we will feel more comfortable wagering again.

At 1.05, winning 20 consecutive bets is an 18% probability. Ten consecutive bets have a 39% chance. Five bets in a row has a 62% probability.Keep in mind that the longer you’re on a hot streak, the more likely you are to lose, so win 3-4 bets, then pause, review the situation, and make a new option.

Aviator Strategy Summary

  1. Pay attention to wins/losses of others
  2. Ignore big numbers when everyone cashed out.
  3. Pay attention to when the last instaloss occurred.
  4. Don’t get baited by the rewards of those people with small bets that are x300.
  5. Do not deviate with one time risky bets, this is how you ruin your exponential curve.
  6. Patience, patience, patience
  7. Bigger balance = bigger bets = bigger earnings for a given multiplier.

Hope you all take something from this Aviator strategy and make some money, with the given numbers and theory, make your educated decisions and win!


Aviator is inherently unpredictable, making a well-thought-out Aviator plan essential. While no Aviator technique assures success, knowing and implementing these methods may greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Whether your Aviator strategy is to play it safe or chase high multipliers, these insights can help you modify your approach for a more rewarding Aviator experience. To determine the finest Aviator Betting site for you, test out many options. Prepare to put your Aviator plan to the test. Explore prominent betting sites such as Betway and Hollywoodbet, where Aviator and other thrilling games await. Begin your Aviator trip with confidence, utilizing the best Aviator technique for you!